Open international design competition for sites of Jewish history in Lviv took place in August – December, 2010. The competition was announced by the Lviv City Council Executive Committee Resolution No. 1076 of August 6, 2010.

34 projects were submitted to the "Synagogue Square" competition by participants from the following 13 countries: Australia (1 project), Austria (1 project), Italy (2 projects), China (1 project), Mexico (1 project), Netherlands (1 project), Germany (5 projects), Portugal (1 project), Poland (4 projects), Ukraine (10 projects), France (1 project), Czech Republic (1 project). An international jury met on December 20 – 22, 2010. The jury comprised international experts in the fields of architecture and Jewish historical legacy, as well as representatives of the Jewish community, and the city administration. 

Results of the competition for the "Synagogue Square" site: (click to enlarge pictures): 

1st Prize
Project 012050
Franz Reschke, Paul Reschke, Frederik Springer
Germany, Berlin

2nd Prize
Project 012023
Yuriy Stoliarov, Pavlo Morkel, Roman Belbas, Olga Malynovska
Ukraine, Lviv 

3rd Prize
Project 012049

Honorable Mentions:

Project 012037
"Moomoo Architects": Jakub Majewski, Lukasz Pastuszka, Tomasz Bierzanowski, Bartolomiej Skowronek, MiriamOtero, Martyna Szymanska, Monika Komendacka, Zhenze Huang
Poland, Lodz 

Project 012034
Kossak Markiyan
Ukraine, Lviv

Project 012021
Zaklina Nowodworska, Michal Podgorczyk 
Poland, Gdansk