“The “Synagogue Square” project should be implemented as soon as possible” – an open letter from the leaders and representatives of Lviv Jewish organizations

The leaders and representative of seven Lviv Jewish organizations have signed an open letter declaring their support for the projects commemorating three sites of Jewish history in Lviv: “Synagogue Square”; “Besojlem Memorial Park”; and “Yanivsky Camp Memorial”. The letter calls attention to the openness of the architectural competition that led to the choice of these projects, the important role of public hearings, and the willingness of the signatories to continue advising and assisting the co-organizers in the projects’ realization. The letter also states the following:

“It is an important step initiated by the Lviv authorities to preserve Jewish heritage and raise awareness among Lviv’s residents and guests of an important page in the city’s history – the story of the Jewish community in Lviv. After the tragedy of the Holocaust and decades of silence, destruction and indifference, this step is crucial for understanding the past and recognizing our responsibility to the future."

The signatories emphasize the need to rehabilitate the "Synagogue Square" site, which is rundown, partly closed off from the public and used in inappropriate ways. The implementation of the first stage of the "Synagogue s Square" project is to begin in summer 2013, and is to be coordinated with the "Lvivklezfest" festival of Jewish culture which takes place annually on the Great Synagogue site.

The authors of the letter support the measures planned for the implementation of the “Besojlem Memorial Park” proposal designed by the architect Ronit Lombrozo for what remains of the area of the historical Jewish cemetery at Rappoport Street. They also point out that before the “Yanivsky Camp Memorial” project is implemented, the conditions on the site need to be improved (rubbish to be removed, overgrowth cleared, fencing installed to prevent misuse of the area, etc.). 

The full text of the open letter can be found here


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