Quotations for the “Synagogues Square” memorial

In addition to information plaques describing the history and architecture of the three Jewish religious buildings that used to stand on Synagogue Square, the memorial is to include a special installation on which is inscribed quotations from texts related to various aspects of the history of Lviv’s Jewish community. The authors of the quotations – writers, historians, philosophers, religious and cultural leaders – were known not only for their writings but also for their positive contributions to Jewish life in Lviv. The quotations are to evoke a feeling and a deeper understanding of what used to be here, and are to be inscribed in their original language and in English, Hebrew and Ukrainian.

In April 2013, the project coordinators approached representatives of the local Jewish community, historians, literature experts and museum curators from Ukraine, Poland, Israel, Canada and the United States for help in choosing suitable quotations. These specialists suggested 60 possibilities by authors such as Meir Balaban, Lviv historian of the Jewish community, the Galician Jewish writers, Deborah Vogel and Shmuel Josef Agnon, Wiktor Chajes, Vice Mayor of Lviv during the years 1930-1939, the religious philosopher, Martin Buber, and Holocaust survivors from Lviv. Discussions with Lviv’s Jewish community are now under way to choose 25 of the suggested quotations for inclusion in the memorial. 


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