The competition site is located within the historical inner city of Lviv, which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. It is bounded by Valova Street at the north, Vynnychenka Street at the south-east and Soborna Square at the south-west.
The site is surrounded by mixed use buildings from various historical periods. The open spaces of the monastery complex are part of a network of public open spaces and green areas, that runs through and around the historical inner city. The city blocks north of the competition site are laid out on the town’s original medieval orthogonal street grid and consist mainly of 3-4 storey buildings and a central market square (Rynok Square), in the middle of which is Lviv Town Hall. Many of these buildings date back to Renaissance times, and most of them are currently used by shops and cafes on the ground floor with residential apartments above.  

The urban context
The historical inner city is surrounded by a ring of open spaces, boulevards and parks, which follow the line of the medieval city’s former defensive walls. The ring connects with a large park and other green areas to the north of the historical center. The ring also serves as the primary traffic, bus and tram route around the old city.
The open spaces on the competition site are a segment of the southern part of the ring, and at the same time, are a connection between the historical inner city and the town quarters outside it. Most of the buildings in these outer districts are from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the city network has a radial layout.
Two important radial roads arrive at the competition site. One, Lychakivska Street, runs from the city’s eastern outskirts to terminate in front of the east side of the Bernardine monastery at Mytna (Custom House) Square, which is a public open space and where various bus and tram routes intersect. The other is Ivana Franka Street. It arrives from the south at Soborna (Cathedral) Square, which contains a main tram stop, shops, a flower market, a green public space, an open air cafe, etc., and a large indoor provisions market is directly adjacent to the square.