Important Find

A matzevah (tombstone) from the Lviv Jewish Cemetery has been discovered in the courtyard of the University for Life Safety (35 Kleparivska str.). In the course of renovation works, students of the university removed a layer of asphalt and accidentally discovered the tombstone with inscriptions in Hebrew and Polish.

The tombstone comes from the grave of Pinkas Natkes, who died in 1927, so presumably it originally stood in the New Jewish Cemetery. Part of this cemetery remains to the present day, next to the Yaniv cemetery. Tombstones from Jewish cemeteries had been used for construction and for the pavement of Lviv streets, both under the Nazi occupation, and in Soviet times, so discoveries like this do occur. 

So far, the mathevah has been cleaned and given to the Sholom Aleichem Jewish Culture Society. According to Oleksandr Nazar, Head of the Society, they are considering giving the matzevah to the Judaica department of the Lviv Museum for the History of Religions, installing the tombstone in the Jewish section of the Yaniv cemetery, or in the green area now occupying the place of the old Jewish cemetery, which is to become part of the “Besojlem – House of Eternity” Memorial Park site. 


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