1. In the submission requirement, there are two (maximum three) A0 drawings required. Are these drawings hard copies or digital files contained in the CD/DVD?

 - The participants should submit both, hard copies and digital files contained in the CD/DVD


2. Is this an ideas competition or does the winning submission acquire the contract for the actual design and construction of the project?

 - This is an ideas competition with the intention to realize the winning design as a whole or its parts


3. Was the information about competition, its organizers, schedule and prizes published in printed mass media. If not, do you plan to do so and when?

 - The competition including its relevant information has been announced in the local printed mass media and international web resources. It will be also further announced.


4. Does one has to show all six areas on the siteplan?

 - Yes


5. By looking at the submission rules I make the conclusion that minimum number of sections is 2, at least 2 areas. The same minimum number is for visualizations; meaning sections and visualizations can show two areas of the competition site (this is the minimum). Do I understand it correctly and does the quantity of visualizations and sections affect the judgment of the project?

 - The sections have to show at least two areas of the competition site. Those two areas may be shown either in a single section or in two separate section drawings. The author may choose the number of visualizations himself to illustrate the idea of the proposals.


6. Concerning graphical explanations of the ideas. Is it required to show/describe graphically the entire competition site or will it be sufficient to show just these two chosen areas which one consider to be the most active and important for the whole project?

 - It is important to show and support by graphical explanations both, the overall concept for all open spaces of the competition site as a whole, as well as detailed design for those parts/areas that author finds important.


7. Do the detailed drawings of typical design feature have to include exact materials, technical decisions and specifications or is it enough to show dimensions and key decisions?

 - The materials, dimensions and key design have to be shown.


8. Which information has to be included in the preliminary registration by email?

  - The following information is required:

  • Full name of the company/team representative

  • Company name/team members’ names (not applicable for individual participants)

  • Qualification

  • Address

  • Contact information


9. Do the drawings has to be on hard boards, or the rolled paper prints would be enough?

 - The drawings can be submitted in both ways, on hard boards and rolled paper.

10. The existing buildings which are located next to the southern part of the courtyard will not take part in the competition area, but have entrances to the smaller southern part of the courtyard. For what purposes are these entrances used and is their closure to be anticipated?

 - The entrances to the buildings next to the southern part of the courtyard are the entrances to residential buildings (not for delivery uses). Their closure is not planned. 


11. Can the language competition to be written only in English?

 - Yes

12. Are there 3d cad models available?

 - There are no precise 3D cad models but one can find Google SketchUp models from on Google Earth with no precision guarantee.

     - The church:

     - The clock tower:

     - The monastery buildings:

     - The southern block:


13. Can we submit electronic files? It is sometimes problematic shipping internationally and a delay maybe possible that is not the fault of the participant?

 - All competition projects should be received by organizers as both hard copies and electronic files no later than October 3, 2012, 18:00. The participants are responsible for submissions arriving in time. We recommend participants to find out in the post office or express company / messenger service (e.g. federal express DHL, TNT etc) the date which is "safe" in order to guarantee the timely delivery.


14. Is the submission date is the date that concerns to the dispatch of our proposal or the date that our material is received at the address specified?

 - The submission date is the date when all entries have to be at the specified address.


15. Is it possible to have plans/drawings of the whole complex?

 - All the available materials including the site survey (both in CAD and scanned versions), and building drawings (planes, sections, elevations) can be downloaded from the Downloads chapter of the competition website.


16. Do the Gate and pillars between the church and the bell tower (visible on Picture 103) have any historical importance?

 - Yes, this gate along with the fence are the parts of monastery complex and cannot be altered.


17. Does the long wall separating Area 1 and 4 have any historical value?

 - Yes



18. Is it possible to go underground at any point/s within the site? (Is it possible to dig?)

The earthworks are allowed only on the open spaces of the site except for the Area 3 (it was the monastery graveyard, removed in the 50’s) and the remaining fortification shaft along the long wall in the Area 4. No underground penetration allowed under the existing structures.


19. Please specify the use/s of the pavilion for the Museum of Ideas. Is it only used as an open air cafe'?

 - The pavilion is used as a summer café as well as for art festivals, exhibitions and public events. It is mainly used during the summer period.


20. Are there any public conveniences (WCs) within the site?

 - At this moment there are no public restrooms on the site except for semi-public conveniences in the cafes


21. Would it be possible to have some site Sections?

 - There are no site sections available.


22. Is it possible to know the depth of soil in Area 1?

 - There is no such data available at this moment


23. Where does the blocked archway in Area 1 shown in picture 106 lead to?

 - The archway leads to the courtyard of the neighboring residential building outside the competition site.


24. With reference to Area 5, picture 513, what are the uses of the enclosures in the underpass?

 - The uses of these enclosures are retail kiosks.


25. What is the fenced area (located in Area 1), connected to the School of Arts and Culture and Museum of ideas used for?

 - This fenced area is used as a backyard of the School of Arts and Culture. The Museum of Ideas does not have an access to this area. The fence has no relevance for the new design.


26. Are the School of Arts and Culture and Museum of ideas private or public institutions?

 - The School of Arts and Culture is a part of a state owned Lviv National Ivan Franko University. The Museum of Ideas is a non-governmental organization (NGO).


27. Do we have to notify you our numbers to in advance before we submit our entry. How does this work?

 - Do not to notify your number in advance. It will be checked, when the jury has made the decision – not before. The identification numbers serve for preserving the anonymity of the authors before the jurys’ final resolution. They should be used according to the paragraph “Anonymity” of the Competition Brief. Your contact data is to be inside a sealed envelope, marked from outside only with your identification number (your own choice) equal to the number which you use for identification of all other submissions.